Often called Devil's music at its origin, played by "so called" illiterate, poor, and people with addiction problems, the blues never disappeared and continue to  influence musicians from all over the world. However, the blues remains a music style from "over there", from "way back when". While for some people it's almost a sacred thing, some other just don't understand the blues; I have to admit that it can bear many different faces, being harsh and plaintive at times to indolent or powerful. Formed by talented musicians in 2012, Dimes & Nickels honor the memory of some of the greatest musicians of all times who laid down the path of Rock and Roll as well as other musical style that we embrace today. From the blues of the Delta to the one of Chicago, this Belgian Band pay tribute in their own words to the Legends of the early twenties to the Kings of the fifties. On vocal and guitar, we find Mark Rogers, a musician who played in many different bands and many different places for many years. The rhythm section is made of Gzu on bass, a dynamic musician with great talent who is polyvalent in many differents styles of playing; the drums is banged by GG, a player with a unique feel for blues. They both contribute to the boldness of Dimes & Nickels. Mark Rogers Gzu GG Pictures... Contact Gigs... Medias... Home webmaster -